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Our Story

My name is Candice Zaaiman and I am the owner of the Candizee Brand.  I am a very passionate woman and I have a deep fondness for supporting and uplifting other women. As a woman myself, I understand how important it is for us to feel good and for most of us it starts with our hair and makeup. 

At Candizee Cosmetics, our main goal is to always give ALL women an opportunity to feel good about themselves. Our hair is our crown and there are so many women who struggle with managing their hair at home and not everyone can afford to go to the salon to achieve the results that they would like too. I am one of these women. I run two businesses and have 2 very busy boys and while I do love going to the salon from time to time, I also do love and prefer to do my own hair and also would like to be able to do it in the shortest amount of time possible.

Our products and our brand together have been formulated to give women the power to take care of their own hair and give them more time with loved ones!

Our brand was formed with the intention to make hair care products more accessible to all women and to make it easier for women to take care of their hair at home. In today’s economic climate, I firmly believe that haircare needs to be affordable and accessible to as many women as possible.

All women deserve to look and feel good and for most women, it starts with a good hair day.

These products were created with a personal touch and my personal hair journey kept in mind – which I hope to share with all of you!

I am also available for personalized hair advice and consultations. I am just a whatsapp away, lets chat!

Love always,

Candice Zaaiman – Founder of Candizee Cosmetics


“Beauty and personal care should always be accessible to everyone.”